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This conclave has been envisioned by Sadhguru around the key insight, “Human is NOT a Resource”. Building on this insight, the conclave brings together thought leaders, business and HR to discuss practical steps to enable a paradigm shift from human beings as resources to human beings as possibilities. This shift is necessary for businesses to attract, retain and empower talent in an increasingly competitive and borderless world.

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Why you must attend this program


Expand your horizons and uncover the unique insights of Sadhguru and eminent thought leaders to resolve some of the most pressing challenges in HR today.


Connect with and get inspired by the expert speakers and like-minded business & HR leaders from the participant group.


With the powerful tools offered, create a transformation road-map for your own business and yourself, mentored by the best of the minds in the business.


What the Participants Are Saying

Journey of a cynic to a believer. I came as a cynic and I was wondering what this topic is going to be about ‘Human is not a resource.’ Didn’t seem like a full sentence to me. I’m going back with volumes of material in my mind. I think this has been one of the most significant programs that I have attended in a long time.

Narendra Kumar, Sr. AVP – HR, Cholamandalam Investments & Finance Co Ltd

My expectation when I came here was to be reenergized and to also take back things that I could apply and both those have been fully, fully met. It was really a paradigm shift in terms of viewing both people and culture, a lot of very new ideas and new ways of looking at things. Very actionable things starting with myself and what we can do in our organization.

Ritvik Lukose, Co-Founder & CEO, Vahura

Anything that happens in Isha is of a different class and that cannot be replicated. Besides the content, there was so much reenergizing. I think the combination of the content plus the energy is what I’m taking back, so that I can execute something and make a difference.

Ramya Raghavan, Director, 360 Degree Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd

I actually want to say that I did come with expectations and my expectations have been completely met. Not only was it great being in this environment and the inner transformation but it was great learning from everybody else here. There were some amazing conversations and mindboggling stories – things that we could not imagine possible.

Jai Maroo, Director, Shemaroo Entertainment Ltd

As soon as this program started, we had one of Sadhguru’s insights where he said, “Human is a possibility.” Suddenly I saw that the way we are looking at HR in my company, we never looked at people as a possibility. That was like a framework for me. It will not be an HR department anymore. I think it will be a “possibility department”. I am really looking forward to that.

Philomena John, Director, Cotton Blossom India Pvt Limited

I had never interacted with Isha before, but it’s been an absolutely wonderful, heartfelt touching experience. And what it’s done, I think from a professional perspective, I’m absolutely sure it’s going to help change the dynamics for us.

Seema Kapur, Managing Director , Shwetambara Enterprises

This really makes sense and it’s very relevant to our times because these are the most interesting times when it comes to people.

Manu Bhatnagar , HR Head, Maccaferri Env. Sol. Pvt. Ltd



isha leadership academy

Isha Leadership Academy has been established to offer
the highest quality of leadership education in India, by integrating external skill sets with tools for well-being.

It focuses on cultivating leadership as an innate and intuitive process – beyond strategies or techniques. Its guiding principle is the importance of first managing one’s own mind, body and energies, in order to manage external situations and people.

Its aim is to create leaders whose human potential has found fullest expression, who are deeply rooted in their inner well-being and are able to operate from a sense of inclusiveness resulting in more incisive actions and decisions.

The Academy has been conducting leadership forums focused on scaling up, leadership, talent management and innovation with C-level attendees. It will also be offering a whole array of leadership education programs, ranging from a two year MBA or equivalent to shorter duration customized courses for those holding or aspiring to hold leadership roles in business, government, public service, civil society, politics and academia.

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