Event Agenda for 2019


The Burning Platform for Change

  • What does a New HR look like – Human Is A Possibility?
  • How does HR make this transformation happen ?
  • How does the organization benefit from HR doing this?

A new framework for Human is NOT a Resource

  • Discussion on Resource vs Possibility
  • The Five Levers of Change – Purpose, Structure, Process, Inspiration and Culture

Deep Dive into Purpose

  • Discuss the elements of creating an organization around aspiring vision and how it inspires people
  • What is the role of HR in defining the purpose and acting as a steward for it?
  • Participants understand how to define the purpose for an organization

Deep Dive into Structure

  • Understanding enabling structures – Command and Control, Matrix, Hierarchical, Holacracy etc.,
  • How does HR think through this transformation?


Deep Dive Into Process

  • Designing Unique practices in HR processes to enable the Human is Not A resource paradigm
  • Using design thinking to design HR processes

Engaging, Influencing and Inspiring by
the power of story-telling

  • Learn the art of story telling to inspire and motivate the team and the organization
  • How do you convert a spreadsheet of facts into a story with a context?

Create the enabling Culture

  • Elements of a differentiating culture
  • How do organizations do amazing things through the power of culture?


Transformation Plan

  • Create the transformation plan


  • Participating organizations will have the opportunity to be a part of a pre-program survey to establish the starting point for the intended transformational journey.
  • In order to set the foundation for this one-of-a-kind experience, participants will be offered the Inner Engineering Online program before attending the conference. This 9-hour online program has been specifically designed by Sadhguru.
  • Sessions will be offered as a part of the workshop to equip the participants with simple yet powerful tools from the yogic sciences to manage overall well-being and inner balance.
  • Individual sessions and the overall workshop will be followed by the creation of a transformation and implementation plan in the context of one’s own organization. These sessions will be supported and facilitated by session speakers & a group of dedicated mentors.