Author, Sari Historian & Textile Scholar

Ṛta Kapur Chishti is a sari historian and a textile scholar. She is the co-author and editor of two books, namely Saris: Tradition and Beyond and Handcrafted Indian Textiles: Tradition and Beyond. Published in 2010 and co-authored by Martand Singh, Saris: Tradition and Beyond is a comprehensive compendium of different sari weaving and wearing traditions in India, covering 15 states of India and countless variations of color, weave, and pattern from each state, besides documenting 108 methods of draping a sari.

In 2009, Ṛta Kapur initiated “The Sari School” in New Delhi. The school conducts workshops for young locals, expatriate women, fashion designers and anyone who would like to learn different ways of wearing the sari. In 2011, Ṛta Kapur founded TaanBaan to preserve and enhance handspun and handwoven techniques.

Ṛta Kapur Chishti conducted her undergraduate studies in Political Science from Lady Sri Ram College. She then studied at the School of Drama. She then pursued a degree in Education from Delhi University in 1971.