Dubbed “India’s most rational mystic” by Indian media, Sadhguru’s ability to explain life’s complexities with striking simplicity has garnered him international invitations to speak on a wide spectrum of subjects at many diverse venues including:

  • United Nations
  • World Economic Forum
  • Dartmouth University Tuck Executive Program
  • London School of Business
  • Microsoft
  • Massachusetts Institute of Thecnology
  • British House of Lords
  • TED
  • Pfizer

Sadhguru’s inclusive vision for human wellbeing,spurred him to establish the Isha Foundation, a public service organization. Started 30 years ago, and run by over 2 million volunteers today, Isha has grown from its grassroots origins in souththern india to a global presence with centers in over 150 cities worldwide. through life-transforming yoga programs and meticulously crafted social health, and environmental initiatives, Sadhguru’s widespread impact earned him a place among india’s 50 most influential people (India Today,2011).

Sadhguru’s mastery of the yogic sciences enables him to customize methods offered in isha yoga programs for each individual who participate, with the aim to make life effortless and joyfull. Research studies done on practitioners of inner Engineering, isha’s flagship yoga program, have shown significant health benifits including relife from chronic ailments like asthma, blood presser, and diabetes. In addition, studies suggest that participants have enhanced capabilities in learning, creativity and intellectual sharpness.

To Know more about Sadhuguru visit isha.sadhguru.org


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