What transpires during the Isha INSIGHT program with the unique combination of eminent Key Resource Leaders, 25+ Industry Practitioners, Speakers, Sadhguru’s presence & the intellectual capital of 200+ Participants is non-replicable and unmatched, but we are still passionate about sharing insights and wisdom, focused on transforming your business and leadership, delivered in the past editions in the form of ‘Free Access to Insights Series‘.

As a part of the series, we are excited to bring to you:
1. An exclusive series of talks – There will be 3 in-depth talks covering various aspects of Leading Business like Scaling up, Business Model Innovation & Talent Management.
2. Snippets from inspiring and thought-provoking case studies compiled in the form of an E-Book. You will also find photo collages interspersed through the ebook, which will transport you to the exuberant and multi-faceted world of INSIGHT.

The E-Book will be readily available for download once you submit the Form below and the links of 3 talks will be delivered on a periodic basis to your mail box.

A must-have for all business leaders!
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