Founder and COO, ScripboxSANJIV SINGHAL

With over 25 years of operating at the intersection of finance and technology, Sanjiv has a deep understanding of how technology and behavioral finance can be combined to deliver better personal finance outcomes for consumers.
With a passionate focus on user-experience and simplicity, Sanjiv has been instrumental in conceiving and building the Scripbox personal finance platform and assembling the outstanding team that powers it.
Sanjiv has held leadership positions in a number of financial institutions such as Kotak Mahindra, ABN AMRO and Citigroup and at technology pioneers such as CyberCash. In the last 20 years, Sanjiv has helped build wealth management, retail banking and internet payment systems for financial institutions in India, UK, Europe, Southeast Asia and Japan.
Sanjiv is a graduate of NIT Kurukshetra and IIM Bangalore.