It would have taken me ten years to get all the lessons and the insights that I got in those 3 or 4 days.

What they were able to give us in terms of insights into management, into leadership and into various challenges that they converted into opportunities – these were just absolutely invaluable. The kind of networking we got to do, the kind of people we got to meet in this program were again fantastic.

Nowhere else is this kind of a combination available; the opportunity to learn from academicians, from practitioners and from a great mystic like Sadhguru, bringing together diverse perspectives on management and entrepreneurial topics.
What makes this experience all the more wonderful is the unique setting of this ashram, which gives you a rare opportunity to think of what you want to do in the future in a totally stress free and calm ambient environment.

I have attended innumerable national and global business leadership conferences but what Insight has done for me in just 3 days is simply phenomenal. It has changed the way I work and live.

In the beginning of the program, I was slightly apprehensive whether any serious learning would be possible amidst such eminent personalities and super achievers. But I was amazed to see a wonderful combination of selflessness and purposefulness in the resource leaders. The humility and altruism of these visionary leaders did wonders to the learning process. I have come back with rich insights and new Gurus who I could not ever have dreamt would be my mentors/coaches for life. Thank you Sadhguru for conceptualizing such an inspirational program and thanks to all Isha volunteers, yogis and musicians for providing me this wonderful experience.

It was a wonderful experience at INSIGHT 2015. I must congratulate the team for all the efforts in making this program the most memorable event that I would cherish for a long time. I came there as an individual and have come back with loads of insights and very good lifelong friends. My special thanks to all the unsung heroes: the volunteers who took care of every little details to make the experience special. Dr. Dipak Jain in the true sense is an inspiring teacher and I can’t thank INSIGHT enough for giving each one of us the opportunity to have him as our mentor. Abhay made the sessions special by removing all the apprehensions and giving us the confidence to do more. The huddle sessions and workshops were very professionally organized “ Under the tree” giving us the true sense of Gurukul. The presence of “Sadhguru” each one of the days made the event so different form the other leadership programs. While as leaders of our organization we are busy taking care of others, his teachings has made it clear that fixing self before outside is the key to leadership. As entrepreneurs this Academy has given us a platform to collaborate and move towards the larger goal of building an economically stronger nation.

I immensely enjoyed, once again, the spiritual and truly original intellectual insights that come from Sadhguru. Invariably these are beautifully simple, logically flawless and yet open up sparklingly clear new windows of thought. Besides this I benefitted from the abundance of business genius in the program, which in the best part, was present in an overwhelming environment of humility, accessibility and supported by quiet efficient organisation – something that is the essence of Isha.

The perspective and practices that Sadhguru has given gives you the strength and stability to go through the day without getting overly disturbed by stress. I can clearly see that i’ve become gentler and less judgmental. My equanimity and sense of calmness in the face of all that life throws at me has certainly improved a lot.

Here was a situation where large companies were meeting with SMEs, and each one of them brought a refreshingly different perspective and that really helped us compliment and learn from each other, in a way that most other programs do not offer today.