India is a land of enterprise. Our entrepreneurship goes back into a hoary past of over eight thousand years of brisk business with the known world of the times. Less than three centuries ago India was the biggest exporter on the planet, covering over sixty percent of all international trade. This entrepreneurial ingenuity was cruelly crippled by the imperialist assault, and India’s entrepreneurship was put on sim. Once again in the last fifty years many businesses have achieved global scale and stature.

Though there are a few mega, globally known companies, it is the small and medium scale industry and business that keep the nation’s economy buzzing irrespective of the global trends and fluctuations. Many of these are in the throes of pain of scaling up or have given up on scaling up due to various inherent limitations. INSIGHT is an endeavour to bring super successful entrepreneurs and business experts to share and analyse the DNA of their success – the nuances of enterprise that renders one to glorious success and leaves another in stagnation and struggle.

INSIGHT is not just a four-day event but a continuum of support and strength for those who have the needed fire in their bellies to scale up and want to hone their skills for greater things in life.
To equip oneself from within to take away the limits in thought and vision. To acquire the ‘Technologies of Inner Wellbeing’ to achieve inner balance and exuberance. To be able to challenge life and take it to its limits. To enable oneself to live life totally.

Let’s make it happen.